Custom Build Your Own Tiny Home With These Choices

Tiny houses and other unconventionally-styled abodes have been surfacing in the last few years. These design preferences are mainly motivated by people wanting to increase space efficiency, especially in tiny areas. Small houses do not only push your creative buttons in making more storage that is tailored for limited spaces, but they are also budget-friendly because you’re given a smaller area to maintain compared to traditional houses.

Building a tiny house is also significantly cheaper than usual homes since you’ll only be needing few materials for the whole process. Start your journey towards building your own compact home with the ideas below.

Shipping Containers

Container homes are one of the most affordable housing options in the modern market, and not only are they cheap, but they are also often ready for occupancy. With shipping containers, the preparations you have to do are narrowed down to finding a lot that you can place it on, making modifications, such as windows and doors, and reinforcing its internal construction with insulation and ceiling.
For added convenience, you can get refrigerated containers, these are already insulated, but for the other fixings, you can easily do it on your own to ensure that you get the style and quality you’re hoping for.

Build With Wood

For rustic cabin vibes, you can use wooden materials to build your tiny home. Wood exudes a warm and cozy ambiance that will make your house look more welcoming. The type of wood you choose to build with is imperative when you decide to go for this type of home; since wood is susceptible to damages brought by environmental settings, you can make sure that your tiny home is durable by using quality materials. For your construction needs, you can buy from your local hardware or conveniently check online shops offering screws and other materials.

Treehouse Style

Reminiscent of fun childhood memories, treehouse-style houses are built a couple of feet from the ground and give off a natural and rustic ambiance. Some of these homes are even perched on huge trees, just like their inspiration. For this type of tiny home, you can choose an area that is deeply located in a natural setting and live a home life that is peaceful contrary to the busy and noisy streets of city life.

Although this kind of home features limited space, you will not feel stuffy at all, thanks to the huge and open nature. When building your treehouse home, you can opt to use sustainably sourced materials, such as bamboo, precast concrete, reused steel, and even plastic for your foundation, sheep’s wool for your insulation, and recycled glass for your windows, so that you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

room in the attic

Loft Type

With not enough floor space, your chance for expanding your tiny home is by going vertically. Building a home with a high ceiling and smartly using your walls for built-in or hanging storage, will allow you to utilize your scarce space efficiently. You can also install a loft-type bedroom or floor that you can use for sleeping, as an office, or other functions. Even with the additional floor in a tiny home, it still will not look crowded because solid partitions and divisions aren’t used. With open loft-style homes, you get to live in a house that feels light and spacious despite the size.


Bungalows look like studio-type rooms, and similar to other choices, this one also presents limited space. Though limited space sounds crowded and suffocating, it greatly depends on how you style it to make sure that every available space is used efficiently without making the room look small and narrow. There are many ways to go about designing a bungalow home, you can install lofts, use multifunctional furniture, like a sofa bed and dinner and prep table combo, or choose to downsize and adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Bungalows are built with single floors, and a charm this has is that you can see everything no matter where you are in the room.

Mobile Home

Perfect for the people fond of traveling, a mobile home is a house on wheels that let you bring your home along during adventures This has been continuously growing more and more popular over the years especially with outdoor enthusiasts. The most common choices for mobile homes are caravans, trailers, and campers that can be pulled by a vehicle, but you can also go for large vehicles that put driving and home living in a single space. Some have even gone as far as remodeling a school bus and van into a functional and comfortable home where you can eat, sleep, and bathe in.

They say that “a home is where you make it” and if you find yours in charming tiny houses, you can easily build one that will suit your preference.