How to Find a Garage Door Repair Company You Can Trust

Garage door repairs are essential, but how do homeowners know the companies they hire are reputable and reliable? This video looks at how to avoid getting taken advantage of when booking a garage door repair. Here are the top five tips for booking a trustworthy repair professional.

1. Ask what training technicians have.

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A garage door repair specialist should be able to provide licensing and training certification. If this information isn’t displayed prominently on their website, ask to see it.

2. See if they recommend a repair or a replacement. This depends on the issue with the garage door. A minor fault shouldn’t need a full replacement. However, a cheap repair on an old door that barely works will cost more in the long run.

3. Check reviews and testimonials. Take the advice and recommendations of others to understand if a company is trustworthy or not. Consistent, poor reviews could indicate a problem.

4. Check the quality of parts. While homeowners aren’t necessarily garage door experts, they can look out for certain signs of quality. Garage doors should be insulated, have a steel back, and run on neoprene rollers.

5. Ask for a final price. A “cheap” quote might not include tax, service call fees, or labor costs. Asking for a total price prevents unpleasant surprises later down the line. Follow all these tips to book trustworthy garage repair companies!