Residential Property Design Trends for the Suburbs This Year

There is nothing more healing than being surrounded by nature. And in a time such as 2021, when we’re contending with a pandemic and all the stresses that can go along with it, a residential property in the suburbs or the mountains may be an investment that pays off in the long term. If you’re thinking of investing in a home surrounded by nature, here are some residential property design trends you can expect this 2021.

Outdoor living

If you find land for sale that’s surrounded by fresh air and enveloped by trees, imagine just how stunning an outdoor living space will be. From a relaxing lanai to a cosy porch or desk and even a sunroom, having a place where families can feel like they’re truly outdoors without leaving the comforts of their home will be all the rage.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our yards will be an oasis upon which we can safely eat and talk. Investing in the outdoor living areas will be one of the key trends that will shape post-pandemic property design.

Separate suite

Another trend that will continue to rise in 2021 is the mother-in-law suite or a separate room from the house that occupants or guests can stay in. It’s not as big as the main structure, but it will have all the basics—a bedroom, bathroom, living room area, and kitchen.

The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 crisis taught us that families need to social distance at any given point. A separate suite will be a smart addition to any residential property.

Antibacterial materials

The pandemic woke the world to the reality that many diseases often come from invisible enemies. This is why our homes need to be as clean and sanitised as possible since hygiene will be of utmost importance moving forward.

Some examples of antibacterial materials include contactless flushing for toilets, automatic washbasins, and state-of-the-art infrared sensors in our home’s bathrooms to decrease unnecessary contact to surfaces. Voice-activated appliances will also find their way into the market alongside cook tops with sensors.

Two-for-one kitchen

luxury kitchen

Another trend we can expect this 2021 is the two-for-one kitchen, which is a smart way for properties with open floor plans to hide messiness, clutter, and dirty dishes. It’s exactly as it sounds: two kitchens in one, with the other hiding behind the official one.

It’s also known as a layered kitchen, with the heavy cooking and cleaning work happening in the kitchen hidden by a wall or a door. The show kitchen is where homeowners can show off their culinary masterpieces in a cleaner and less cluttered way.

Prefabricated sheds

Sheds were once known for simply being storage spaces. However, the past few years have seen their evolution as a dwelling unit for renters, adult children returning home for the first time, and even a quiet space where occupants can work from home.

Comparable to the mother-in-law suite but much smaller in scale and less functional, a prefabricated shed is a good alternative for properties with less space in the yard. These sheds are perfect for homes where you can hear trees rustling and birds chirping since they can provide a more relaxing area for occupants who want and need a break.

Living rooms for video conferencing

Another trend that will continue this 2021 is living rooms which were specifically designed for video conferencing. With so many special events now happening online, like birthday parties, weddings, showers, funerals, and everything else, families need to have a place big enough that can accommodate them when they gather for a virtual event.

Technology is now catching up with so many big screens capable of video conferencing. Still, homes need adequate space and enough lighting so that family members can be seen properly through video.

Adaptable rooms and layout

Houses need to pivot and grow as their occupants grow, and homes need to be designed with this truth in mind. This is why multipurpose rooms are the best option for growing families since we never know what kinds of needs are children will have as time goes on. Adaptable spaces are marked by non-permanent walls or dividers and rooms that can be closed off or opened as needed. Removable furniture will also play a big part in this.

Homes will continue to be one of the best investments we can make in a post-pandemic world. Whether it’s for your forever home or something you will rent out or sell one day, making these upgrades will surely be worth it.