Succeeding as a Real Estate Agent: Tips for Making Homes Appeal to Every Buyer

When you’re a real estate agent, it’s your job to convince home buyers to choose the houses you’re selling over all the others on the market. But how do you do that? How do you make someone fall in love with a house they’ve only seen online or in person? Here are some tips that will help you seal the deal.

Tout the Location

The location is one of the most important things to consider when buying a house. Is it in a good school district? Close to public transportation? A safe neighborhood? As an agent, you should know all of this information off the top of your head. Use it to your advantage by playing up the location whenever you can.

If a home is situated in a desirable neighborhood close to amenities and has good schools, that will go a long way in convincing a home buyer to make an offer. Be sure to play up the positives of the neighborhood when showing homes to prospective buyers.

Holding an open house is also great for showing off a property’s location. Advertise the open house in the neighborhood so that nearby people will come and take a look. This is a great way to get potential buyers interested in the property. Nothing beats the physical experience of going to a house and seeing it yourself.

Highlight the Amenities

Another selling point of any given house is its amenities. Does it have a pool? A big backyard? A state-of-the-art kitchen? Whatever the selling points may be, make sure you highlight them whenever possible. Aside from recreation, security is also a big selling point for many home buyers. If the house has an alarm system or is in a gated community, mention that.

Some amenities are more valuable than others, so you’ll have to use your best judgment when determining which ones to focus on. For example, a family with young children may be more interested in a home close to good schools than one with a pool. It all depends on the buyer.

Other amenities are overlooked, like natural light and storage space. A house with lots of windows will always be more appealing than one that’s dark and dreary. And who doesn’t love a big closet? Be sure to point out these selling points as well.

If you’re unsure what amenities will appeal to buyers, ask your boss or another experienced agent for advice. They’ll be able to give you a good idea of what home buyers are looking for these days.

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Emphasize the Potential

Even if a house isn’t perfect, there’s always potential for what it could be. Maybe it needs a fresh coat of paint or new carpeting. Perhaps it needs a little TLC in the garden. Whatever it is, emphasize to potential buyers that this is something they could take on as their own little home improvement project.

If they have the budget and the area is big, you can emphasize that they can build an extension or add a pool. If they’re looking for a fixer-upper, you can show them how much the property could be worth once they put some work into it. You can do all sorts of things to make a house more appealing. It just takes a little creativity.

Make an Emotional Connection

People buy houses with their hearts, not their heads. So even if a house isn’t perfect on paper, if they feel an emotional connection to it, they’re more likely than not going to try to make it work.

As an agent, your job is to help them see that emotional connection. Point out details that might be overlooked and help them imagine themselves living there. If you can do that, you’re well on making the sale. Make the emotional connection but don’t be too pushy. Buying a home for sale is a big decision, and you want them to be sure before they make an offer. Don’t lie, either. Just focus on the positive aspects of the house and try to downplay the negative.

Highlight the emotional connection to the house in your listing description. Write about how the property made you feel when you first saw it. Describe what you love about the neighborhood and share any personal stories you have about the neighborhood.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

Many home buyers are looking for something more manageable than a big one–something they won’t have to spend all their time cleaning and maintaining. If you can show them a home that is the perfect size for their needs, they’ll be more likely to make an offer.

It all boils down to the earlier point of emphasizing the property’s potential. If you can show them that a smaller house has the potential to be just as cozy and inviting as a larger one, they’ll be more likely to take the plunge. A small house does not mean it can’t be stylish and comfortable. It’s all about making the most of the space you have.

The Bottom Line

As a real estate agent, your job is not only to find houses for sale that meet your buyer’s needs but also to convince them that this is the house they want to call home. This can be a tough sell, but if you keep these four tips in mind—touting the location, highlighting amenities, emphasizing potential, and making an emotional connection—you’ll be well on your way to success.