To Try or Not to Try: the Viability of Food Truck Businesses

The food scene in the state of Arizona continues to grow. More recently, various food businesses have appeared in many parts of the country – down from the smallest hole-in-a-wall or brick-and-mortar restaurants, up to the most elegant, expensive, and prominent restaurants. And with this continued growth, the state is slowly appearing in the maps of food hunters and becoming one of the top choices for places where “foodies” go.

For individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, they can see the continuously growing food scene in the state as an opportunity for business. If you are one of those people who are planning to establish their names on the food map or make themselves known through their recipes, then you should know many things before you finally decide on whether to start your restaurant or franchise an already established name. Or better yet, ask yourself if the food business, be it a food truck or a traditional restaurant, remains viable in Arizona.

Create Your Own or Franchise a Restaurant

There are many pros and cons for both options: establishing a new restaurant or franchising an already existing and well-established restaurant name. Despite this dilemma, the decision to engage in the business of food is and will never be a wrong decision due to the continuing development in the state.

If you have decided to either put up your own or franchise a restaurant, your endeavor is expected to reap many benefits in the long run. Why?

The Growing Food Scene and Ease of Doing Business in Arizona

Entering the food scene is a highly viable business endeavor because of the continually growing “foodie culture” in the state. Although Arizona relatively lacks “food culture,” many entities and restaurants are working toward the state’s reimaging into a so-called “foodie oasis.”

The ease of doing business in the state also adds to the viability of venturing into the food business. The rate of taxes remains low, and the cost of the property, as well as rent, remains attractive to various business owners. Even a rookie business owner with an average financial capacity can manage and put up a restaurant on his own.

Concrete Testimony to Arizona’s Developing Food Business Sector


Arizona is one of the latest states where the Filipino-owned fast-food restaurant Jollibee recently opened a branch. Apart from a dense Filipino migrant population, Jollibee chose Arizona because it saw the country as a rapidly growing business center. The company also noticed that a highly diverse food scene is emerging and flourishing, thereby adding to its resolve to setup its 40th store in Chandler, Arizona.

Several famous food trucks also opened branches in the state, particularly in the renowned American East Company food park that was the former headquarters of the Arizona Meat Company.

Speaking of Food Trucks

Now that you know that engaging in the food business sector is full of potential, you can opt to put up a food truck restaurant. Apart from being a lot cheaper than finding a permanent place or stall, food trucks can quickly transfer locations.

The mobility does not only increase your restaurant’s profitability; it also enables you to win over new customers in Arizona. Used trucks are probably more worth it than brand-new vehicles.