Top Tricks to Keep Your Car’s Paint Immaculate

If you live in Scottsdale and you want to protect yourself from the excessive glare of the sun while driving, you should visit a company that offers auto window tinting services. But if you want to protect your car’s paint job, you might also need to do some things on your own.

People would most likely notice your car’s paint job before anything else. For this reason, you need to make sure it’s always looking like it just came out of the assembly line.

Here are five tricks to ensuring that your car’s paint job is always immaculate:

Wash your car as often as possible

Some may say your car needs to be washed on a one-week interval, while some may recommend a weekly bath. The truth is you can do it even daily if needed, more so if you frequently take your car out to dirt roads or you often park it outside.

You should wash your car as often as possible – if it’s already dirty or if there are bird droppings all over it. This way, the dirt and animal waste won’t damage your car’s paint job and keep it looking like new.

Wax it out

Car wax can be applied over the paint to prevent corrosive materials like bird droppings and grime from wreaking havoc to your immaculate paint job.

You may choose from spray, liquid, and paste wax – the three types of car waxes available. Just avoid applying the wax to your car’s rubber and non-painted plastic components as wax can damage such materials.

Avoid parking your car frequently in direct sunlight

If you always park your car outdoors, then you’re hurting your car’s paint with every passing minute. Over time, such exposure to direct sunlight could cause your car’s paint to deteriorate. And considering how costly a repaint job can be, it’s to your best interest to invest in a car cover or a car garage.

Apply synthetic coating

The synthetic coating is quickly becoming a protective agent of choice for many car owners since they last for up to six months. This means that you only have to apply the coating twice a year – a great proposition by any standard.

There are many polymers and ceramic coating products available in the market right now that you buy and apply yourself. Such synthetic coating products keep most contaminants from sticking to your car’s paint and cause damages. Just don’t expect the same mirror-like finish that regular car wax provides.

Use paint protection film

Man spraying pain on car

If you want protection that could last for up to 10 long years, then a paint protection film is perfect for you. This transparent wrap can be applied to cars partially or in full, depending on the owner’s needs. It is ideal for cars with a matte finish but can also be used on cars with shiny paint jobs.

While it may cost higher than wax and a synthetic coating, the fact that it could last for almost a decade is truly a great deal in itself.

Aside from these mostly DIY-style paint protection tricks, you should also consider taking your car to a professional car detailing shop. Such a shop has proper tools, equipment, and skilled personnel to ensure that your car’s paint is kept at a brand new-like state even if it’s already many years old. As they say, nothing beats the skills and experience of professionals.