Why Your Family Should Live in Armstrong Creek, Geelong

If you want to raise your family in a quiet and sustainable suburban environment, then you should consider Armstrong Creek. First-time homebuyers will also love this place because the lands for sale in Geelong, Victoria have a wide range of prices, meaning you’d surely find a property that fits your budget.

Geelong, Victoria, the city in which Armstrong Creek is located, is teeming with private schools, job and business opportunities, and recreational areas. The city is also efficient and sustainable, so living there offers you a better quality of life.

Here are some compelling reasons to live in this incredible city:

1.) Education

Armstrong Creek has private schools for every household income. Basic tuition fees for Year 12 students range from $1,895 to $37,060, and the basic tuition fee for a private primary school, Freshwater Creek Steiner School, can range from $5,750 to $6,580.

There are also government schools in Geelong, Bellarine, and the Surf Coast. Whatever school you choose to enrol your children in, you can be rest assured that they’ll be receiving high-quality education.

2.) Jobs

There is a generous number of major employers in Geelong, including Ford, Barwon Health, Cotton On Clothing, Woolworths Supermarkets, and Target. In the manufacturing industry, 7,000 to 9,000 job posts are estimated to be available, but employment in the healthcare industry is the most rampant in the city.

The employment rate of Geelong is also rising, while the unemployment rate is dropping. In fact, the unemployment rate in Geelong is lower than those in many parts of Melbourne. The workforce is also skilled, so you can expect career advancement opportunities.

3.)  Business

Geelong, Bellarine, and the Surf Coast are good places to start or relocate a small business in. For entrepreneurs who just moved into the city, you can obtain valuable business advice from companies that can guide you through your first business venture or help you relocate your business in the city.

If you’re looking to expand your professional network, you can buy a membership in the Geelong Chamber of Commerce. They can provide you with access to functions and a business referral network; you can be affiliated with up to 850 businesses within the city.

4.) Access to Capital Cities

Melbourne and Sydney can be reached in an hour by driving and ninety minutes by a plane ride. This proximity is good for both business and leisure because the major cities are filled with potential new business connections and recreational areas.

5.) Affordable Cost of Living

If you’re fed up with the hefty costs of living in the capital cities, you can relieve yourself of the financial burden if you move to Armstrong Creek or anywhere in Geelong, Bellarine, and the Surf Coast. Mortgage and rental rates are cheaper, allowing you to allocate the rest of your budget to other more practical or fun things, such as college, business, or travel.

6.)  Nearby Beaches

If the beach is your favorite holiday destination, then moving to Geelong will make beach trips more convenient for you. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in Bellarine and the Surf Coast; the waterfront of Geelong is a sight to behold as well.

Considering all of these things, we can all agree that Armstrong Creek, Geelong, is a worthy place to live and raise your family in. With quality education easily accessible, employment and career growth opportunities within your reach, a great potential for small businesses, and heaps of leisurely activities to enjoy, settling down here can give you the life you’ve always dreamed of.