A Newbie’s Guide to Planning Marketing Events

Formulating strategies for events is challenging, even for veteran specialists. There are many ideas available online, but most of these are already dated. Endorsing an event via print media isn’t enough since advertisers prefer using social media as a promotional platform. It’s the best tool to reach a specific target market and engage them. Although print media and word-of-mouth advertising sound dated, they’re still useful today.

If you’re a novice marketer and need marketing research tools and techniques for your next event, here is a guide to help you:

Vlog or blog

Vlogging or blogging is an excellent way to reach your target audience. It helps boost your marketing event online and create awareness . Use these online tools to promote your event’s goals and activities. Highlight the featured guest speakers and the event’s venue. Adding infographics, interview clips from resource speakers, and photos helps encourage people to register for the event.

Have a Plan A to Z

Contingency plans are essential as problems will always occur. While planning your event, create possible issues or scenarios that can arise. Set up a meeting with your team and discuss how to assess these concerns and resolve them. Communication and coordination are crucial to formulating solutions when encountering these types of situations. Always have a Plan A to Z. You will need them.

Create events within your event

Social media and vlogs/blogs might not be enough to catch people’s attention. A good strategy is to create events within your event. This helps pick your target attendees’ interest and encourage them to sign up.

One example of a mini event is to ask participants to post their Instagram stories while at the event and win a prize from the sponsors. If you have a featured band, urge the party to name their song to win the grand prize. Mini events like these make your marketing event more engaging and fun.

Take advantage of SocMed to get the word out

social media

SocMed or social media is an ideal way to get the word out. Add the event’s links or social widgets to your promotional emails, website, vlogs, and blogs. It will be easier for prospective attendees to share these on their SocMed profiles. This is also an efficient way to reach a wider audience.

Turn your event into a social and networking party

There are two main reasons why people attend events: to have fun and explore networking opportunities. It’s the perfect place to meet new people and peers within their professional industries. Most of your attendees also want to connect with these people for future collaborations.

Your mini events are ideal opportunities for them to engage in a relaxed and fun environment. Give them enough time to mingle and create networking opportunities. In return, it will help you build a future pool of attendees for your future events. It’s a definite plus for your marketing strategy.

Planning and organizing events can be a daunting task for newbies. We hope that this guide will give you ideas to create effective strategies for your marketing event.