Does Having a House Contribute to Your Happiness?

Humans may seem to work constantly for money. But money is only one of the things that people try to earn to achieve the ultimate goal: happiness. To be happy is the exact reason why we work hard to accomplish every material thing that exists in the world, including homes.

Having a home is the American dream; to fulfill a dream is a step to happiness. This is why most go to the lengths of contacting mortgage lenders or saving up to buy their dream house. Why exactly does a home make a person happy?

Why Our Homes Make Us Happy

People are not so different from animals; as animals need to mark their territory and have their own lairs, humans need to have their own safe place, too. It starts with the womb before a child is born; as we go out in the world, we try to find a place where we belong. This is why most of us feel the need to establish a place called home.

Homes are places of memories

People attach significantly to homes because of the memories associated with them. A house becomes a vessel of the memories of how a person lived. Memories are crucial in making sense of a person’s life; they are an essential source of happiness. As people grow older, homes become even more important because they become a witness to people’s lives.

A sense of personal space

Humans need a sense of control, security, and belonging; all these things are provided by having a home. A house also provides a place a person can always return to; having such is highly comforting.

A home provides a sense of privacy that is important for an individual’s well-being. Having a space of your own provides a sense of control of that space; freedom, autonomy, and independence come with owning a house.

A sense of familiarity

The National Center for Biotechnology Information mentions that familiarity signals safety. A home provides this sense of familiarity. For a person who has a disability, having a familiar home to stay in is comforting and can reduce stress; they can easily navigate a familiar home rather than an unknown place.

Also, having a permanent home establishes relationships with neighbors and other people around the community. As social beings, having this benefit eliminates the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

A sense of identity

A lost person needs to be reminded of their identity. Going back to a home can provide for this need. Loss can come in many forms: the loss of a family, a friend, a partner, or a career. Going home, therefore, can become an emotional refuge and a reminder that when all else is lost, one always has a place to go back to.

A sense of pride

When a person finally purchases a new home for themselves, it is undeniable that a sense of pride comes along with it. A person’s pride hugely affects his choices and behavior; one that is proud of his achievements has a high rate of life satisfaction. Additionally, a person with pride also has self-confidence, stability, and a greater sense of control over what’s happening with his life.

The Pursuit of Mobility

According to studies, more adults are attached to homes than the younger generation. For adults, transitioning from a long-term home to a new home may be traumatic and stressful. The younger generation, however, embraces mobility and the chance to jump from one place to another.

However, experts warn that this kind of mobility may be harmful than helpful. Support systems seem to dissipate as families are separated from one another.

But people can only be mobile for so much. At some point, one needs to go back home, too. This is especially true during the pandemic. Like one needs shelter during a storm, both older and younger generations came to seek refuge inside their own homes.

It happened during America’s mortgage crisis, too. When people lose their homes, a sense of identity seems to have been taken away; the value of having a house has never been more felt than during those times.

Beyond financial benefits

buying a home

For those thinking of buying a home, the time to do it is now. Forbes mentioned that amid the ongoing pandemic is the perfect time to buy a home as interest rates are low. It’s beyond economic benefits; purchasing a home is a chance to find your own place in the world; it’s one step to the quest for happiness.