House Exterior Renovation Projects to Undertake amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, many individuals and families stayed indoors last year. As such, they reevaluated their home spaces and underwent some home renovation projects. That’s why home improvement projects have a sudden spike during the pandemic.

This year, however, it’s a good idea to focus on your house exterior. Why? The exterior renovation comes with some practical benefits, from increasing your home value to boosting your property’s curb appeal. Hence, it makes sense to take your house exterior to the next level.

There are a handful of ways to remodel your house exterior. If you’re wondering what to undertake, here are some renovation projects you might want to consider:

1. Exterior Painting

In most cases, homeowners only need power-washing to give their residential properties a fresh look. As you can see, pressure-washing can get rid of specks of dirt, dust, and other debris. It can make your exterior walls sparkling bright and utterly clean.

In some cases, however, a house exterior needs repainting. It can conceal the paint coat that’s peeling or fading away and cover outer walls that look dull and boring. Ultimately, exterior painting can give your property a brand-new look.

2. New Siding Installation

The facade of a residential property makes an impression. Its exterior walls say so much about your house in general and the whole household.

To make a good impression, it’s a good idea to have a new siding installation. But not only does it boost your home’s aesthetics, but the siding also protects your house and maintains its structural integrity. As such, consider installing a new siding and opt for popular siding materials such as wood, vinyl, metal (aluminum and steel), and fiber cement siding.

3. Door and Window Upgrade

If you want to kick your house exterior up a notch, start with your doors and windows. While they both serve as your property’s entry points, they give your home its facial character and personality.

That said, begin with your front door. Consider installing a visually attractive and highly durable one. As for your windows, consider having window tinting or installing decorative films. You can also select popular window styles such as double-hung, casement, bay or bow, and glass block windows.

4. Roof and Gutter Repair or Replacement

roof gutter

When it comes to house renovation, it’s crucial not to neglect your roofing and gutter systems. Why? Both structures protect your home and maintain your property’s structural integrity. As such, take good care of these house parts regularly.

In addition, it’s best to work with roof and gutter contractors. They will first inspect, clean, and maintain your property’s roofs and gutters. They will then help you decide whether to get repairs or replacements.

5. Garage Door Installation or Replacement

To boost the security of your residential property, consider installing a garage door. But if you already have one in place, replace it with an aesthetically appealing and highly functional one.

When choosing a garage door, be sure to consider its beauty, functionality, safety, and electric feature. With a garage door installed, you can kick your house exterior up a notch.

6. Outdoor Kitchen Construction

If you’re a family lover of cooking and food preparation, it’s best to install an outdoor kitchen. In some countries, they call it a dirty kitchen (not literally though). It is usually set apart from an interior kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen works best if you have a deck or patio. You can cook outside, grill some lean meat, and have a barbecue party. That’s a great way to have outdoor relaxation with your family and some guests.

7. Paving Installation

As part of your house exterior renovation project, consider having paving construction. As much as possible, this paved area must extend from your house. A few examples of paving construction are walkways and driveways.

There are paving materials to choose from—concrete, pavers, bricks, natural stones, and asphalt. It’s best if you match the driveway with your garage and complement your walkway with your house sidings. For instance, consider brick materials for both your pavements and exterior walls.

At this point, you now know what house exterior renovation projects to undertake. Be sure to consider some projects recommended above, from exterior painting to garage door replacement to paving construction. However, it’s best to inspect your house exterior first to see what specific projects to pursue. While you can take a do-it-yourself renovation project, consider hiring and working with professional contractors instead. By doing so, you’ll be able to bring your house exterior back to life.