5 Steps in Giving Your Office a Professional Look

Your office is probably one of the most important places in your life since you spend so much time there. However, it’s also likely that you’re not giving it enough attention with decorating and organizing it well. Remember that your office must portray you and your company in a way that befits what you do. Most importantly, it needs to make your employees feel at home, motivated, and proud of their work. A renovated office is an investment into productivity, safety, and employee health.

A classy office doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It just needs to fit your and your company’s style, and of course, a lot of planning. Here are five steps in giving your office a professional yet classy look that will help you feel more confident and productive when you get there every day.

Paint the Walls With a Neutral Color

While you may think an orange or red wall would give your office some extra character, it’s important to remember that clients might often visit your office. Bright colors can be distracting and make it difficult to concentrate on what you are saying.

Instead, try using a neutral or muted color like blue, brown, or gray. The coolness of these colors can give your office an understated sense of professionalism without sacrificing style and comfort. If you want pops of color, you can always opt for office supplies, furniture, and decor that can give your office an upbeat vibe. You don’t want it to look dreary and boring, do you?

Choose Furniture That Fits

Choosing the right furniture for your office can be tricky, especially if you want something both functional and stylish. One way to make sure your furniture fits is by choosing pieces that go together. Furniture in a matching set typically goes together because it’s been made by one company or designer.

Mixing and matching styles and brands can be tricky, but when you choose everything beforehand and paint a picture of what they’ll look like, it’s easier to make sure everything looks great together. But if you buy multiple pieces of one style (like all round-backed chairs), there’s even more incentive for them to match because they’ll flow nicely from room to room in your home or office.

Invest in Flooring


The first thing many people notice when they walk into an office is the flooring. Well-maintained floors instantly add polish and professionalism to your space, but replacing them can be expensive. Flooring like hardwood and tile are often priced by the square foot, which means installing them in larger areas quickly escalates your budget. You can always talk to professionals to get a quote.

But think of it as an investment. It will pay off over time, both financially and concerning clients and colleagues. Putting extra care into details like flooring will show that you’re committed to making your business successful and instill confidence that you know what you’re doing. It might not cost much now, but it pays off down the road! Just make sure you schedule maintenance every so often too.

Add Wood Accents

Wood is warm and inviting, but it’s also sturdy, visually rich, and incredibly classy. A simple way to give your office an instant facelift is by adding a few wood accents like tabletops, cabinets, and bookcases. Walnut, oak, and cherry look great with dark leather or lighter colored upholstery. You can DIY your wood desks by using reclaimed wood or buy any number of modern wood desk designs online. But if you have an extra budget, you can ask professionals to make unique wooden pieces specially made for your office.

Pick Out Plants

One of the most cost-effective, impactful ways to make your office space feel polished is incorporating houseplants into your decor. Plants can add life and greenery without breaking (much) of a sweat. Plus, some plants have air-purifying abilities, which makes them especially beneficial for an open office environment. Choose from an array of different shapes and sizes, and don’t forget that you can even bring in more than one.

Some recommended indoor plants are low-maintenance spider plants, which can be placed in indirect sunlight and are commonly found at grocery stores. Other common names include airplane plants, chandelier plants, and ribbon plants.

Make sure your office space reflects your company’s business and provides comfort for those who work there. Keep in mind that creating an atmosphere conducive to productivity will help you attract top-notch employees who want to work in a nice office, not just one with cheap furniture and fluorescent lighting. Consider all these elements when putting together your office design so that you can set yourself apart from others in your industry.