Inventions That Made an Impact on Modern Day Transportation

Life has evolved through decades and centuries of development and innovation. Mankind used animals as means of transportation a millennia ago. Life back then was simple in their terms – for they had limited access to other nations and places unknown to them. The development of the wheel, the discovery of fire and coal, the usage of steel and iron, the creation of ships and later planes, and all the other innovations throughout the years have significantly impacted humanity.

This innovation of transportation pushed development beyond its boundaries. Now, people may have more complex living spaces, technologically advanced pieces of machinery and digital gadgets, and improved and faster transportation, but our lives have improved in many ways. This has helped a lot of businesses too.

Transportation has made people’s lives easier, especially when moving from one place to another. A family can simply move from one state to another by hiring the best moving services company, thanks to the innovation of transportation.

The changes and innovations in transportation helped humankind shaped history. Some things led countries to unite and nations to divide. These innovations created an impact on the history of mankind:

1. The Creation of the Wheel

In 3500 BC, the first wooden wheel was created in Iraq, which shifted mankind’s usage of animals as means of transportation. Humans traveled either by foot or by animal in ancient times. With the creation of the wheel, the length of traveling to another land has decreased. With the invention of the wheel, ancient humans could bring more of their properties when they traveled. 

2. Riverboats Were Created in 3500 BC

Traveling through land has been possible for mankind since the domestication of horses, donkeys, and camels. Traveling over water in deeper rivers has been made possible by riverboats. These allowed humans to travel further from their homelands to trade with neighboring civilizations. This also gave birth to larger sea vessels with sails that travel long distances over long periods.

Sea travel was made possible, and the discovery of new lands was highlighted with the emergence of boats, ships, and galleons. Trading in long distances was made possible too.

3. Paving the roads to develop and expand an empire.

The emergence of the wheel also brought forth the development and expansion of empires in ancient times. These roads allowed empires to rise and be known across other settlements. The expansion of empires also led to trading between different cities or towns beyond the empire. Far-off lands became part of an empire, thus expanding the rule of the leader. More land means more people follow a ruler. This was achieved through paved roads and chariots. 

4. The industrial revolution gave birth to bicycles.

Man found many uses for different kinds of metal. These included the use of steam-powered appliances and, later on, electrical devices too. Bicycles were created with the fusion of a rubber wheel aligned with a metal frame. This allowed man to travel from short distances in private. It slowly made the horse-drawn carriage seem outdated. It became the first mode of transportation for the working classmen

5. The emergence of trains

Trains were created to allow transportation of people by land easier and more accessible to the public. Traveling from one city to another is shorter and less time-consuming. This is also a cheaper mode of transportation over a horse-drawn chariot that can take you to your destination in a matter of days or weeks. The steam-powered trains made travel shorter, from a few hours to a few days. 

moving train

6. Steam-powered boats and ships 

With the emergence of the steam-powered train, traveling by land has been more accessible. Traveling across the sea was also achieved during the industrial period up until the 18th – 19th century. Traveling by sea allowed trading between countries possible. Spices and other exotic animals, food, and plants were introduced to different countries. 

7. The creation of the car 

The creation of the car by Inventor Carl Benz made private travel more efficient. Steam was later changed with the use of oil as means of energy. Traveling with convenience was achieved with the purchase of a car. This created and separated the wealthy from the working class. The world now has public and private transportation. Traveling with the family has become easier and hassle-free from public transport. 

8. The airplane made mankind’s dream of flight that has become a reality.

A famous story about a young man who glued the feathers of a bird onto his arms to fly has been a dream for most people. The study of the aerodynamics of a bird made the development of the airplane possible. The Wright brothers made traveling by air a possibility. Air travel is now shorter and uses a machine rather than hot air like the hot-air balloon and the zeppelin. The development of the airplane as a means of transportation shortened the traveling time from days to hours. The modern-day aircraft can hold more passengers, crew, and luggage for shorter distances across greater miles. 

9. The modernization of cars and other transportation 

Cars have been using fuel for over a century. This is cheaper than the old and flawed steam-powered vehicles that the world used to have. Traveling by land in a car is more convenient, accessible, and less time-consuming than the older versions of the car. Bullet trains have been built to replace steam-powered trains. Traveling across the country is a lot easier and faster with this kind of train. 

10. Space Travel

Air travel opened a new area for exploration – outer space. Technological advancements in air travel allowed people to explore a region that man had yet to conquer. The moon launch gave humanity a new hope that there would be traveling across planets and other universes one day. The creation of the satellites orbiting the Earth made information dissemination easier, quicker, and more reliable. Maybe someday, this will also allow humanity to discover new worlds beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Transportation has been a part of the history of man. This made people learn new things beyond their neighborhood. This allowed people to reach new places, explore new lands and meet new people. It has been continuous learning for humanity to explore new horizons with the innovations of transportation.

The digital world will soon allow us to have flying cars and gravity-defying suits that everyone can use to travel. This might be the age of vehicles with autopilots. These windshields can enable you to make a presentation while safely driving, explore the depths of the sea to discover new animals living there, and possibly of traveling through space and living on other planets.