On the Road: Understanding Safety Involving the Driver and the Vehicle

Driving is more than just stepping on the gas and revving the engine up. It is a responsibility. A driver is responsible for his life and a passenger’s life. Therefore, driving safely is a must, and some laws mandate this.

Traffic Safety Laws

Different traffic safety laws apply to other states. For instance, in New York, it is prohibited to use hand-held electronic devices when operating a vehicle. This means a driver cannot text or use the phone while behind the wheels. However, the use of hands-free devices is allowed.

The state of California has an almost similar rule. However, those under 18 years old or teenagers are prohibited from using a hands-free device while driving. The state has a strict Wireless Communications Device Law that prohibits drivers from sending, writing, or reading text messages while driving.

Different states also apply other penalties for traffic violations. In California, the 1st offense amounts to a 20-dollar penalty for breaking the Wireless Communications Device Law. The subsequent offenses will bear a heavier weight, aside from an increased penalty fee of 50 dollars and a negative record under their driving license.

There are also existing rules for foreigners who wish to drive in the US. Those who want to drive while visiting the country need an international driving permit (IDP) plus a valid driving license from their country of origin. It’s also important to contact the state one is visiting to confirm if they have additional rules for foreigners when driving.

What does a license have to do with safety? It’s to ensure that the driver has the legal permit to operate a vehicle. It also means that this driver has undergone training and fully understands the responsibility of operating a vehicle.

Safe Driving Measures

In driving safely, there are two most important considerations: the health of the driver and the health of the vehicle. If any of these two have something a miss, it could cost one or more person’s life.

two people being safe and having fun while driving


Avoid distractions

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents on the road. This is the reason why most states, like the state of California, prohibit teenagers from using electronic devices while driving. Phones can easily distract drivers, especially the younger generation.

Some may think that taking a quick look on your device won’t hurt, and you may have done it a few times, too. Thinking that this habit is safe is what kills most people on the road. Because it only takes one second of not paying attention to be involved in a crash.

To avoid this, you must put your device into driving mode. When the phone is on this mode, the device senses if a vehicle is in motion and sends an auto-reply if you receive a message. But the best advice is to put your phone away; this way, you won’t be tempted to take a quick glimpse on your mobile device.

Aside from phones, people are distractions as well. If you’re driving with an adult, ask them not to distract you while driving. If going with children, pull over if there is an immediate matter to attend to.

Car Maintenance and Repair

Car maintenance and repair are essential to keep you safe on the road. The repair cost of a Subaru brake, for instance, is a lot cheaper than paying the price of a person’s life.

In addition to saving your life, regular maintenance can also help you save on fuel costs and long-term maintenance costs. It also helps protect the environment from harmful emissions that an unmaintained and repaired car may have.

In doing the regular maintenance of a vehicle, it is best to leave it to the experts. They have the proper tools to diagnose the condition of a car, and they can recommend the appropriate steps to repair it. However, the driver can also do their check-up and preventative maintenance to avoid road breakdowns and accidents.


Most, if not all, states require drivers and passengers to constantly wear seatbelts because they save lives. Seatbelts protect a person during crashes by lessening the force of inertia and keeping individuals in their seats. Getting ejected from a seat is dangerous for a person, which a seatbelt is trying to prevent.

By using a seatbelt, the risk of injuries and fatalities is reduced. So whether you are in a car, a bus, or an Uber ride, always wear your seatbelt.

With these ideas in mind, you can focus on ensuring you and everyone around you are safe. Take the necessary measures and follow the rules whenever you’re on the road.