The Best Things About Small-town Living

Have you ever imagined yourself living à la Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls? Imagine going to the diner where the chef knows who you are and what you do. Imagine saying hi to everyone on the street. That’s how Hollywood films depict small-town living. And they’re probably right. But here’s the thing: We all think that we like to live in big concrete jungles such as Los Angeles and New York City, but surveys showed that almost 60% of those surveyed prefer rural living.

So if you have land for sale around Lakeside, you might want to invest in building a home there. It could be your retirement home in the future. You can rent it out to vacationists and tourists. This could be a source of passive income now and in the future.

Community Involvement

Opportunities for community engagement come easier when you’re living and working in a small town. If you like to volunteer your time for charitable causes or community programs, you might want to check out which small towns fit your personality. You can get involved in a variety of things, from concerts, theater, sports, to education. And because fewer people are living in these small towns, the impact of your contributions is more direct.

Safety and Security

Yes, it isn’t 100% safe and secure in suburban areas. Crimes happen in these rural areas, too. But the prevalence of crimes in small towns is relatively lower than that in the city. When you live in New York City, for example, you’re in constant agony if you’re going to be mugged or if your house is going to be burglarized.

Families with children prefer living in rural areas because of the security that the community provides their kids. Children in rural areas also grow up happier because of their interaction with people and nature. There are also fewer crimes on the streets.

Low Cost of Housing

The median home value in New York City is around $300,000. That can increase by as much as 4.4% next year. In contrast, the average price of a home in the small town of Essex in Connecticut is about $124,000. That’s less than half of houses in New York City. You also have to pay for higher real estate taxes and utility bills when you live in bigger cities.

Less Traffic and Pollution

Most small towns in the U.S. have fewer than 8,000 people living. That means that there are fewer pollutants. The air is cleaner. Those long walks will rejuvenate your body and soul. You can also get from one end of the town to another in just 10 minutes or less. There won’t be any traffic jams. You can get a table at your favorite restaurant on Saturday evening. Commuting will be a cinch.

More Opportunities

View of town proper

Because there is less competition in smaller towns, there’s also a bigger possibility of you landing your dream job. Contrary to what others think, there are lots of career opportunities in small towns. You can also finally take a risk and start your own business. It’s way easier to succeed as a local business in small towns rather than in big cities.

Living in a small town is less stressful. There are fewer toxic people to deal with. People are reputably nicer in the countryside. It will also feel like you’re as far away from the political and economic strife ever-present in the city as possible.