Exploring Victoria for the First Time

Like real estate, many businesses during the 2008 housing crisis, and many years after that, your company suffered a hit. The company wasn’t hit as hard as others were. Those that had to fold almost immediately, when the likes of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. Stability was reached just a little over two years from the time the bubble burst. Now, the company is set to proceed with its second wave of expansion efforts. You’re being sent to Whittlesea, Victoria in Australia to oversee the purchase of a small real estate company based there.

It’s been your dream to visit the country down under. You’ll do the business part in five working days, and the company agreed to your requests to spend an extra two weeks to take some time off before returning stateside. Your wife is joining you once the business side concludes. She’s giddy and excited reading about what to do in Victoria when on vacation.


Victoria is in the south-eastern part of Australia. It’s capital city Melbourne rests right near the Port Philip Bay and is about 663 kilometers from Canberra, the nation’s capital. The state ranks second in terms of population but is also the smallest of the states.

Getting Busy in and Around Victoria

Victoria, Australia

Melbourne is an attraction itself. Visitors rave about the stunning stained-glass ceiling upon entering the National Gallery of Victoria. It’s reportedly the largest of its kind in the world. Those who find joy being inside massive edifices filled with people going about their ways will marvel at the beauty of the train station at Flanders Street. But there’s more to Victoria than these iconic places. Consider the following as your places of destination.

  1. Go farther under. Hitting the road is probably one of the best things you can do in this vast country-continent. Drive some 141 kilometers further south, and you’ll reach Philip Island. Koalas are too passé. Why not an encounter with little penguins? Yep! That’s where you’ve got to be to see these little fellas. OK, the Koala Conservation Center is there too, so you might as well get a few cuddles with some cute, tiny, and stoned bears!
  2. Resort. Beach. Surf. If there’s an inner-Californian in you and your requirements are just these three words, head out on the opposite side of Philip Island to Torquay and the Great Ocean Road. This stretch is known for its beach resorts, surfing activities, and that quiet time to soak under the sun.
  3. Go west to the Grampians. If you’re more of the rocky mountain type, you will enjoy heading out west to the Grampians National Park, where you can put test your best hiking shoes. Apart from bushwalking while enjoying the sight and scents of budding wildflowers, you’ll get acquainted with a little bit of indigenous history. Mount William and Reeds Lookout are, of course, sights to behold.
  4. Love wine? Say no more! Head out to the northeast, and within 60 kilometers, you’ll hit Yarra Glen. The name itself sounds like a calming mantra. So, wait till you taste their wine. The aborigines refer to this place as the Billanook. William Ryrie founded the first vineyard. If you want to compare your Napa Valley wine tasting experience to what Australia has to offer, visit Yarra Glen.

These are mere four recommendations, but they cover north, west, and east of Melbourne. You and your wife won’t be bored.