4 Things Pests Love About Your Home

Like humans, pests have basic needs for them to thrive, and they will spend a lot of time looking for a place where these necessities are available. In order to survive, pests need food and shelter. Once they find these in one place, they stop their search and settle. Take a guess at where this ideal place might be. That’s right, your home.

Although pest problems are ultimately solved with professional pest control and treatment, there are simple yet effective measures for homeowners to take to further prevent pests from infesting and nesting in their homes. But by knowing what factors help these pests thrive, prevention will become more fine-tuned.

Here are some things that make pests want to stay in your home for good:


For pests like cockroaches, ants, centipedes, and mosquitoes, water is vital for their survival. Other than a means for breeding, some pests need a water source to sustain themselves. Furthermore, pests like woodlice and termites turn to soft moist wood since it’s easier to chew.

Fix any pipe, roof, and sink leaks to prevent creating an environment that helps them thrive, although preventing costly repairs is also important too. Excessive moisture also leads to structural problems, such as fungi growth in wood.


Pests don’t go away with the summer heat, contrary to popular opinion. If a homeowner does not take preventative efforts to keep pests out, they will become a year-round issue–even during the winter months.

Pests like many other animals, seek shelter from the cold. Although there are pests such as female mosquitoes that hibernate during winter, there are others like rats, mice, cockroaches, and more that want to keep warm. A cozy home holds the perfect conditions for their survival. 

Uncovered and Leftover Food

Pests are attracted to your home for a number of reasons, but the most obvious reason would be food. Being close to a vital resource, they see any space with food as an ideal place to nest and reproduce. This makes kitchens and other food premises an attractive choice for them. Sugary and uncovered foods are most likely to attract rodents, ants, and cockroaches.

To remain pest-free, put away any remnants of food. This includes leftover food on dirty dishes. The longer you put off washing dishes, the more likely it is to attract pests. Other ways to starve them out are by properly putting away and sealing food containers, cleaning any spills as soon as possible, and not leaving pet food out overnight. 

Little to No Home Inspection and Maintenance

In general, pests like dark, quiet, and undisturbed places around your home. Once they’ve found a space in your home they’ll start nesting and most probably remain undetected until something is done about it. 

Posts are more likely to enter through gaps, cracks, and holes that were put off instead of being repaired as soon as possible. This leaves a homeowner’s home vulnerable to infestation and costly repairs. Committing to a regular schedule for inspecting and maintaining your home will not only prevent pests from entering but prevent big and expensive repairs in the future too. 

Prevention Tips 

Empty gutters and other water-containing objects of stagnant water to minimize breeding opportunities for pests. Sometimes,s spotting these areas is a bit tricky, since a tree’s cavity or a little puddle made from the drainage holes on the bottom of a planter is enough for pests to use. Regular pruning and trimming vegetation in your yard helps avoid the spread of diseases among plants, but it also helps deter pests. With the regular activity and well-maintained condition of plants, it inhibits nesting.

Remove clutter from the garage and other mostly undisturbed areas of the house. Clutter creates hollow and hidden spaces for pests to nest in. moreover, getting rid of clutter helps the home look cleaner and more organized. Speaking of hollow and hidden spaces, install weatherstripping, screen windows, and vents for the chimney. Any possible opening to the outside of the home should be accounted for and taken care of.

As mentioned above, keep all food well-stored and in tightly closed containers. In the same way, keep garbage bin lids properly closed as some leftovers and used food containers attract pests. Whether it’s unattended food left overnight or rotten food left out in the open, it attracts pests all the same.

By removing all access to sources of food, water, and shelter, pests will have no reason and no means to enter your home. Remain vigilant and thorough in these home repairs and prevention measures to keep a pest-free home.