The WH Questions of Moving

Moving is among the hardest experiences people go through in their lives. One way to alleviate the stress that comes with moving is to break down each task. With a real estate for sale in West Melbourne waiting for you, answer these questions to make the process a bit smoother.

When Are You Leaving?

Have you settled the housing aspect of the move? If yes, then set a day for when you move out. Knowing the remaining days in your old home will be nerve-wracking at first, but having a countdown can be quite advantageous to the entire process.

The timeline from Day X to Day 1 can become a checklist for you and your family. Again, break down bigger tasks into smaller ones that can be accomplished within the day. It’s more organised, and this way, you can take things one step at a time instead of worrying about everything all at once.

How Are You Getting There?

Are you using the family vehicle or driving a trailer full of your boxed belongings to your new home? Deciding to hire professional movers or not is an important decision you have to make.

Relocating by yourself means that you have more freedom on how the process goes. You also have complete control of the move, which means that the safety of your items is in your hands. Additionally, you save some money if you only have to pay for a vehicle for your items. However, no movers means that you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself, too.

packing things

What Stays?

A new home means a fresh start. Hence, the need to sort through items to establish what you’re bringing along and what needs to go away.

Not sure how to go about this step? Go through your inventory with your family and use the KonMari method . Marie Kondo devised this method to help owners decide which physical items are worth keeping. Often, items full of sentiment have to go since many of them have no practical use.

Where Does This Go?

While you’re packing, make sure that you have an updated inventory of your belongings. Take note of the items that go into every box and which rooms they belong in. Labels are important.

By staying organised throughout the entire moving process, you’re saving yourself the trouble of having to open each box just to find an item that doesn’t even belong in the kitchen.


Your kids probably know all about the move by now. Still, it’s possible that they’re still reeling from the change and brimming with questions like, ‘Why do we have to move?’ or ‘Can’t we stay?’ As always, be patient and honest with them. Aside from that, help them get used to the idea of moving.

A way to do this is to include them in the process itself. Do they have their own rooms? If yes, allow them to organise their belongings and pack the boxes themselves with your supervision. It’s both a bonding experience and an opportunity to get extra pairs of helping hands.